Pokemon Go: Pokedex

This is my version of a "real-world" Pokedex for playing Pokemon Go.

I've been playing Pokemon go a lot, but I really hated constantly switching back and forth from the app. I wanted a device that was only dedicated to the game, didn't drain the battery so fast, hatch my eggs when I actually was walking & could let me know when Pokemon were close.
I designed it to be smaller than an average mobile phone, so you can put it away with ease. It has 2 colour changing LED lights on the back to indicate certain actions that take place on Pokemon go e.g. Pokemon nearby ect, but also can be used as a flashlight. It also has a pedometer for hatching those pesky eggs and a high resolution camera on the back help you find all those Pidgys.

I designed 2 versions, the Instinct, Mystic & Valour versions & a generic Pokedex with a variety of colours.

As I said before, this device will be dedicated to the Pokemon GO game and with the added ability to PM.

I hope you enjoy the designs !

Callum whitehead pokedex teams
Callum whitehead pokedex instinct
Callum whitehead pokedex mystic
Callum whitehead pokedex valor
Callum whitehead pokedex colour
Callum whitehead pokemongo pokedex colourcomp